Fusion cuisine with Sicilian and Mediterranean roots. Alfredo likes to work with fresh products from the market, offering every day a wide variety of original and succulent culinary proposals.

In La Norma there are no pizzas, but dishes typical of island cuisine such as carpaccios and fish tartares (made with fresh pieces depending on the market such as tuna, tiger prawn or Mediterranean swordfish), fresh seasonal vegetables and pasta ( the fresh ones are made at home, as is the bread) and risottos, made from savory and worked funds. The latter two include the Rigatoni Alla Ragusana (a traditional Sicilian stew with beef and wild fennel), the Tonarelli with rock seafood, the Risotto with green pistachio and bacon, the Nero di Sepia and the Risotto of gorgonzola and almonds. toasts.

Although undoubtedly its great specialty is the pasta “Alla Norma”, a vegetarian dish from the garden of Catania, dedicated to the opera by Vincenzo Bellini and made with eggplant, garlic, onion, fresh tomato, basil and cottage cheese, as well as pasta and cheese risottos that are prepared “the Alfredo way”. That is, finished and served in full view of the diner on the Parmesan wheel itself.

For lovers of sweet, traditional homemade desserts could not be missed, from tiramisu to Sicilian cannollo or for those with less sweet tooth the fresh fruit sorbet. For lovers of ancient recipes, the cassatella should be highlighted: a Sicilian recipe based on chickpeas and honey presented in the form of a pasty.

There is also a wide variety of Italian wines chosen with care to pair with each of Alfredo’s culinary proposals. Finally, it is worth highlighting the large selection of grappas and liqueurs.